New York City OZ: Tribeca
Jeffrey left Los Angeles in 1967 to attend graduate school at Pratt Institute. He stayed in New York for 40 years. Almost immediately, the intensity of New York City captured his imagination. As an ardent observer of the human condition Jeffrey was able to explore subjects not found any place else. Stone records, in some of his work done in NYC, the self-absorbed, hedonistic side of the city’s nightlife. His work is about reality. As a counterpoint to this, one sees the gentle images from time spent on Fire Island and sketches of varied subjects. Adding to this experience was a career as a highly respected teacher and professor at both high school and college levels.

Stone lived just blocks away from the World Trade Center. After 9/11 he knew it was time for a fresh start to escape the horror of that awful day.

Hubert Street Loft, Tribeca, 1985, Photograph
Hubert Street Loft, Tribeca, 1985, Photograph
Caribbean Parrots, 1986, 12” x 24”, Contact Paper
Horse and the Moon, 1987, 24” x 31”, Pen and Ink and Watercolor
The Juggler, 1987, 11” x 18”, Watercolor
Woman with Brown Background, 1986, 10” x 16”, Oil Pastel
Woman with Pink Top, 1987, 18 ½” x 24” Watercolor
Portrait of Peggy, 1986, 21” x 40”, Oil Pastel
Two Cranes, 1986, 12” x 24”, Contact Paper
Portrait of Tar, 2010, Tar is a magnificent Graphic Designer with a “Heart of Gold.”
Street Flowers, 1987, 13” x 16”, Pen and Ink
Dancing Horse, 1985, 6” x 9”, Pen and Ink
Passage way on the Island of St. John, 1994, 6” x 9”, Pen and Ink
Study (sculpture from the Met), 1985, 9” x 12”, Pen and Ink