Jeffrey Ingram Stone  

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Jeffrey Ingram Stone is a passionate observer. From the timeless sensuousness of the seaside to the gritty self-indulgent nightclub scene in NYC, there is detail that is derived from intense focus and concentration. His work chronicles journeys that began in Southern California with a forty-two year stay in New York and now back to Santa Barbara, California.

His travels to Europe and Hawaii punctuated the time in New York. In a world that is increasingly devoted to "instant communication" and split-second solutions, we find an anomaly - the artist who takes the time to explore the deep and profound textures of life using century-old techniques. Some of what we see makes us want to turn away, to ignore harsh realities while on the other hand there are soothing and engaging images.

Stone is a teacher, both literally and figuratively. He has taught high school and college students to discover their hidden talents. For us to view his work, we must become students of a style that demands our involvement and commitment. To do otherwise is to miss the lessons, beauty and realities that we so often overlook.



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